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When you give ordinary people the space to tell their stories it has a powerful message what theatre is about. Every person has a story to tell which is worth seeing on stage. The work is to figure it out how these personal story links to our social context and why it´s relevant.

Theatre: What We Do


The interior of the car is an extremely intimate space. It is a perfect space for sharing stories. Can it also be a perfect space for theatre? 
In the new show, drawing from our diverse experience in documentary theatre and digital storytelling, we want to use this intimacy to open the worlds of the taxi drivers. We want to turn a taxi into a storytelling machine that moves the audience in space and time through the worlds they normally can’t or don’t want to reach and explore. These worlds are the dark corners of the city: remote sleeping areas, parking lots, casinos. But they are also the dark corners of our own consciousness. It is through them that we explore our tendency to shoot our eyes and ignore issues like migration, exploitation at work, nationalism, drug addiction, etc.


Green Meadow” (Lithuanian: “Žalia pievelė”; Russian: “Зелёный луг“) is a documentary theatre project of Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, developed by Lithuanian, German and British artists and social scientists. This project seeks to research the history of Visaginas and Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant, telling personal stories and exploring different perspectives of this area through a theatre production. By doing this, we aim to encourage dialogue between the community of Visaginas and the rest of Lithuania as well as to open up wider discussions with and among other European countries and mono-industrial communities existing within them that are
already facing similar challenges or will inevitably do so in the future.

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