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When ordinary people are given the space to share their stories, it conveys a powerful message about the essence of theatre. Everyone has a story worth telling and seeing on stage. Our work focuses on discovering how these personal stories connect to our social context and why they are relevant to a broader audience.

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Taksai is an interactive and immersive theatre performance commissioned for Kaunas European Cultural Capital 2022, taking audiences on a thought-provoking journey through the streets of Kaunas, guided by the city's taxi drivers. Co-facilitated and directed by Kristina Werner, the project focuses on human connection, social issues, and the rapidly changing world of work. By blending reality with staged interactions, Taksai creates a unique experience where art, music, and poetry come to life in the drivers' stories. The performance culminates in a shared moment of reflection, emphasizing the experiences that unite us all. Taksai challenges the audience's perspective and leaves a lasting impression.


Sonic Fiction is an innovative and experimental music and movement performance exploring the concept of silence. The performance, facilitated and directed by Kristina Werner and Greta Grineviciute, features seven musicians from the Synaesthesis ensemble, who venture beyond their usual instrumental performances to explore alternative means of expression. This performance premiered at the opening of Sirenos Theater Festival in Vilnius. Through four specially-composed premieres by Lithuanian composers Gintaras Sodeika, Artūras Bumšteinas, Rita Mačiliūnaitė, and Agnė Matulevičiūtė, Sonic Fiction incorporates sound recordings and unique stage formats to create an audiovisual experience that delves into the philosophical realms of music, theater, and performance art.

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Green Meadow" (Lithuanian: "Žalia pievelė"; Russian: "Зелёный луг") is a documentary theatre performance by the Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, developed in collaboration with Lithuanian, German, and British artists and social scientists. Kristina Werner played a significant role in bringing non-professional performers to the stage for the first time in Lithuanian theatre. The performance delved into the history of Visaginas and the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant by sharing personal stories and exploring diverse perspectives through theatre. As a result, the performance successfully fostered dialogue between the community of Visaginas and the rest of Lithuania, and toured through various towns in Lithuania as well as Narva in Estonia, sparking broader discussions with and among other European countries and mono-industrial communities facing similar challenges now or in the future.

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