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At äctiveäctive, we believe in the power of collaboration and shared creativity. Our community projects bring together individuals from all walks of life to explore, express, and develop their ideas through Applied Theatre. We provide a supportive and inclusive environment where participants have control over the content, form, and organization of their work. By participating in community projects, we foster meaningful experiences that promote personal growth, mutual understanding, and a sense of togetherness.



Lebensmosaike is a sociocultural project concept that explores meaningful bereavement rituals in a community context. Through extensive research, we have developed a methodology to be implemented in future projects, fostering connections and support during the grieving process.


Engaging multiethnic young people in ongoing theatre projects in rural areas of Lithuania, our initiative focuses on nurturing creativity, raising awareness, and empowering teenagers to contribute to solving social challenges within their communities.

Presentation in Plzen


Like / Hate is just one example of the many theatre projects we've facilitated with young people from the German-Czech border as part of the Čojč theatre network. In this 2018 project, participants explored the mechanisms of social networks, examining their influence on personal opinions and expression, as well as the phenomenon of hate speech. Our work with Čojč continues to engage and empower young people through theatre, addressing a variety of themes and challenges.

Community : What We Do
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