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Through different programmes we pursue to grow skills, knowledge and networks of our local teams of artists, so we can build new partnerships and make social impact on local community level.
We focus on training the local artists with applied theatre tools, enable them to go to local communities and do an artistic community project for strengthening community resilience. 
We support newcomers to applied theatre but also already experienced facilitators  to go one step further in community work and to extend the work that is already underway and to inspire and collaborate internationally.

Education: What We Do
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We offer a range of seminars for organisations in terms of team-building or grow of skills and connections. Seminars we already conducted for art organisations or companies are in the area of biographical theatre, collective creativity, democratic leadership and diversity and education for a democratic society.


BATS is an international cooperation lead by German theatre maker Kristina Werner and Lithuanian theatre agency Artscape, focused on community building in all three Baltic states through a one year training in applied theatre.

Education: Programs
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