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Exploring the Power of Social Media: A German-Czech Theater Collaboration

Since 2009, Kristina Werner, the founder of äctiveäctive, has been collaborating with the German-Czech theater network Čojč to create various projects focusing on local history, engaging young people, and interviewing contemporary witnesses to develop immersive performances for a wider audience. Some notable projects include "Tun(n)el 1989", "Jako doma/wie zu Hause", "auf der Flucht/na uteku", and "Hranice/Grenze".

One of the key projects, "Like/Hate" in 2018, explored the mechanisms of social networks with young participants. The project encouraged the youth to examine the influence of social media on opinion formation, expression, and the phenomenon of hate speech. They met experts, conducted interviews, and transformed their experiences into scenes. Using theatrical means, they developed their interpretations of social media presence and explored their positions within it.

In the second phase of the project, the interactive play toured schools and theaters. The stage language "Čojč" - a playful mix of Czech and German - allowed audiences on both sides of the border to understand the performance. During the show, the audience interacted with performers through their smartphones, influencing the events on stage in real-time.

Through her work with Cojc and the projects she has facilitated, Kristina Werner continues to engage young people in meaningful theater projects that explore social issues, history, and the impact of media in our lives under the umbrella of äctiveäctive.

Like / Hate: What We Do
Like / Hate: Pro Gallery
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