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"You are what you share"
A German-Czech theater project, which shows the power of social media

Like / Hate was a theatre project in 2018 of the German-Czech theatre network Čojč, which explored the mechanisms of social networks with young people. In the project, the young people dealt with the question of what influence social networks have on their own opinion formation and expression and in particular the phenomenon of hate speech. They met experts, interviewed them and processed their experiences in scenes. With the means of the theater, we developed our own interpretations of the presence of social media and the young people explored their own position in it.

In the second part of the project we went on tour with our interactive play. We presented an interactive play at schools and theatres which can be understood on both sides of the border through the stage language "Čojč" - a playful mixture of Czech and German. During the performance, the audience was able to interact with the performers through their smartphones online and thus influence what is happening on stage.

Like / Hate: What We Do
Like / Hate: Pro Gallery
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